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ZomBlock's is a online zombie survival game where you can craft new weapons and much much more.To survive all you need to do is keep on finding food and water to keep your self hydrated and maintain your health! The large map will have a variety of different weapons every time you spawn, making sure the game never becomes boring. Your can customize your own character and show off your levels by unlocking clothing which you''ll get every time you level up! Make sure you prepare for the night by building a campfire and reloading your weapons as some zombies awake from the dead. There are also 2 more game modes "sandbox" and "death match" witch you are able to play online with friends from all over the world. hope fully in the future you will be able to create your own sandbox and share it on our servers for everybody to play on. also find our hidden Easter egg which will give you some clues on why this zombie apocalypse started.

Up Date Info

> ZomBlock's 0.5 update has enabled Windows,Mac and Linux users to play this application and has also allowed them to play together on our cross platform services. We do acknowledge that there are some serious bugs in the game and they have been proven to be more difficult to fix than others but we are still working on them and hope fully it will be all clean by the next update. If you have any more questions or quires please contacts us with the information provided below.

> ZomBlock's 0.6 update has fixed some serious bugs and glitches which were found in the 0.5 update. unfortunately there are some minor bugs still left in the game. 0.6 update also comes with a Game Control page which was well demanded in the last few updates. If you find any more bugs or glitches or anything unusual please feel free to contact me with the information provided below or contact me through my website here

> ZomBlock's 0.7 update is the best one yet. As it fixes some more glitches it also adds a complete new feature. You can chop down trees, make any house you want with the crafting menu and much more. The main menu has also been updated. each charters spawn with customized standard weapons. You really need to play it to understand.

Contact Us on: VisionStudios@mail.com


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